• Response time is everything when an emergency happens... I was on site less than 24 hours after Hurricane Irma & Hurricane Ian passed, where was your Homewatch person??
  • Eliminate the food source for bugs to thrive - Remove all perishable and non-perishable foods including pasta & crackers. Bugs hide in these boxes and multiply quickly... before you know it... you have a BIG bug problem.
  • Having work done on your unit (ex. new flooring)? You should increase Homewatch inspections to weekly or 2x's per week. A lot can go wrong in a short timeframe (wet debris accumulating inside or on the lanai is the perfect condition for mold).
  • Damp Rid bags work! Place them inside closets, bathrooms and vehicles. They smell great too!
  • If you're A/C stopped working it's possible the Humidistat is the cause. Turn to "on" position "Home Mode". Or, it's possible a power outage affected the timing circuit to restart. Go to the Electric Panel and switch A/C to "off" and then "On" position. When was the last time your Condenser Line was flushed? Maybe the batteries on the wall mounted thermostat need changing?
  • Storing a car in the garage? Keep windows up and replace Damp Rid bag(s) once a month. Cars should be driven 2x's per month. At a minimum, a battery charger is recommended with driving 1x per month.
  • Visiting guests? Provide them with a "Departing Reminder List" (empty all waste baskets, empty fridge, remove perishable foods, turn water source off, empty washing machine/dryer and dishwasher).
  • Remind visitors/renters - a comfortable room temperature is 77*/78*... not 72* or below. Your older A/C unit and wallet will thank you!
  • How many neighbors and/or vendors have your gate code and front door key or car key? Probably too many. It might be time to change codes and locks to eliminate the temptation of visiting neighbor's kids/grandkids. It's hard to say "no" when they already have your keys... Some guests make mistakes, flood toilets/bathroom floors and disrupt neighbors. Is it worth it??

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Collier County Lic# 160604

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